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The Benefits of Apricots Don't Need to Be Doubted

Apricots may still seem foreign to the Indonesian people. In fact, the benefits of apricots for health are not small. Despite its small size, apricots store many nutrients that can maintain the health of a number of important organs in the body and prevent serious illnesses. Apricots have a sweet and refreshing taste, so some people prefer to consume it directly so that the taste is maintained. But to make it more varied, not a few people also process apricots into juice, fruit salad, or as a cereal mixture. Behind the delicious taste, apricots apparently contain many nutrients that are important for the body. Various Types of Nutrition Found in Apricots By consuming 100 grams of apricots (about 2), you have gotten: 1.2 grams of protein 2 grams of fiber 10 grams of carbohydrates 15 mg of calcium 250 mg of potassium 10 mg of magnesium 20 mg of phosphorus 0.4 mg of iron Not only that, apricots which are low in calories and do not contain saturated fat also contain lots of
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Come on, Recognize the Role of Doula for Pregnant Women

The role of doulas for pregnant women may still not be known by many people. In fact, doulas have a significant role in supporting and assisting pregnant women, both before, during, and even after delivery. It cannot be denied, the role of doulas in Indonesia began to emerge when artists began using doula's services in their labor. Doula is a professional who is able to provide emotional, physical support and provide information needed during the process of pregnancy, childbirth, until the baby is born. This is the Doula Role for Pregnant Women Taken from Greek, doula has the literal meaning of "maid maiden". Doula is now more popular as a professional companion for pregnant women in the face of childbirth, to undergo preparation for parenthood. Although a doula cannot provide assistance in the form of medical treatment, a doula has extensive and in-depth knowledge about various matters related to childbirth. The role of doulas in helping pregnant women include: 1.

Gotu Kola Can Overcome Diseases and Injuries To The Skin

Gotu kola herbs commonly found as ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine are usually used to treat problems with the skin, including strokes that arise due to pregnancy (stretch marks). Not surprisingly, now gotu kola extract is widely used as medicinal products, such as in ointments or creams. So, is it true that gotu kola can make healthy and beautiful skin? What are the results of recent research on the effectiveness of gotu kola to overcome skin problems? Check out the following explanation. Benefits of Gotu Kola According to Research Gotu kola has chemicals that seem to help reduce inflammation. Animal studies show that gotu kola, especially in its asiatic acid content, is thought to increase collagen production, which is a substance that has an important role in the wound healing process. Here are the results of research that states that gotu kola may be able to overcome skin problems. Stretch marks. According to one study, creams containing gotu kola may be able to